10 Things That Changed the World this Decade

Look around you. How many things do you see that didn’t exist ten years ago? A 3D LED television? Smartphones? Digital Books? MP3 players? High-powered games consoles…. The list goes on. While I can’t help but be curious about what our homes may look like ten years from now, I wonder how many of these innovations have become ‘essential’ in our everyday lives.

Changed the World

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I have compiled a list of ten semi-new technologies that I consider to be some of the most critical to our generation’s survival on earth!!! While we could all still physically survive without the following, how many of them do you deem essential? In no particular order:

  1. Wikipedia – The worlds largest reference source, Wikipedia contains almost everything there is to know about everything! While some people consider the open-source nature of the database to be inaccurate, almost everyone I know used it as some point in their University Thesis!
  2. YouTube – What did people even used to do? How did they spend hours watching videos of funny goats or cats? How did they listen to their favourite pop stars latest release?
  3. Google – Undoubtedly one of the most powerful companies in the world, Google has some serious weight in the Tech Industry. A business can be made or broken by their position in search rankings and the adjective ‘search’ is fast being replaced by the giant itself ‘google’! How did people find things out before Google?…. What do you mean they had to look things up in a book?!
  4. GPS Maps – Fast becoming an essential gadget for any smartphone. My kids generation will laugh at the thought of using a map and compass. Gone are the days of taking hours to find a street or getting lost on the hills.
  5. Facebook Can you remember the world before a wall or a timeline existed? How did you keep in contact with old friends or stalk your enemies?! Facebook has enabled us to know everything about everyone without having to make the effort of catching up! We literally have access to the archives of the lives of all our friends and the click of a mouse!
  6. Smartphones – From shopping at your fingertips to email/video/text messages. Heck, sites like www.888casino.com/casino-games have made it possible to play slots or place bets from anywhere in the world with a signal! I genuinely think that our children will find a world where we are not constantly contactable impossible to imagine.
  7. Skype – It is extremely difficult to imagine a world where we can’t video chat with family and friends around the world. Skype has truly changed how we interact and communicate… and probably saved thousands of marriages and relationships in the process!
  8. Amazon – A colossal enterprise, which catalogues almost anything that you could ever want. Customer reviews that allow you to make informed decisions and a basis for price benchmarking. Amazon has created a fantastic platform of price transparency.
  9. Twitter – Imagine a world where we couldn’t track our favourite celebrity or check what topics of conversation are trending worldwide?! Did anyone even know what character the hashtag was a decade ago? Thought Not…
  10. Digital Cameras – I was watching Downton Abbey the other day (does anyone else watch this??) and had to laugh when the photographer ignited the gunpowder flash whilst taking a family photograph. Not only do we have portable cameras, but we have digital cameras. We can take hundreds of photos anywhere, anytime. Chances are, anywhere you go there is a chance of being caught on camera. From topless sunbathers to thugs and burglars… nobody is safe! Jokes aside, digital photography has enabled us to create and capture images that could only be seen in paintings a decade ago!


What else do you consider to have changed the world in the last decade? What is going to be the biggest change in the coming decade?

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  1. John S @ Frugal Rules says:

    These are all up there sir! I think a lot of them come down to the portability of information and our access to it. I think as we move on the next few years we’re going to see more and more of it. I mean I can access the world through my phone…which when you think about it really is not a phone but an entertainment device that I can use at any and all times. I think we live in very exciting times.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Working From Home – A Mom’s PerspectiveMy Profile

    • When you put it like that it really is Scary dude! We do indeed live in exciting times and I believe smartphones will continue to evolve into devices that do absolutely everything. As flash memory and processing power increases, Moore’s Law dictates that we won’t need such big devices anymore. Similar to how big tower PCs have been replaced by laptops… laptops will be replaced by smartphones! Perhaps the future lies in peripheral docking stations. My mind goes crazy thinking about the possibilities… very exciting indeed :D

  2. Chris @ Stumble Forward says:

    I remember when smartphones were just coming out and I said I’ll buy one of those and yet now I have one. I wonder what the next 10 years will bring.

    • Hey Chris… I know right?! Think this proves we can’t be resistant to the change… either we accept it or get left behind. I definitely don’t want to end up having to ask my grandkids for help one day! :)

  3. chris_moneyandi says:

    Spot on James. I’m kind of happy that I remember the times before all that. We are a completely different generation than the kids nowadays and there were also advantages of NOT having the access to all the information we can get with a click of a mouse now. I feel that because of the smartphones, tablets, google and all that rhubarb at hand the modern kids lack curiosity and the need to explore the world (my 12-year-old step-brother always tells me that he can google whatever he wants and that’s all he needs)

    I’m just terrified how our kids are going to live in the future – couple of weeks ago I had to explain to my 7 y.o. nephew why he can’t see the pictures I made with an analogue camera straight away and the same afternoon, his 6 y.o. brother couldn’t understand why you have to rewind a cassette tape……

    chris_moneyandi recently posted..Cloud of Poor JudgementMy Profile

  4. Holly@clubThrifty says:

    Totally agree! I was just saying the other day how things are soooooooo different for high school kids then they were when I was that age. That makes me feel really old…but we barely had email when I was in in school, let alone Facebook.
    Holly@clubThrifty recently posted..Credit Card Churning: A Year in ReviewMy Profile

  5. Daisy @ Add Vodka says:

    I definitely agree that all of these things has changed the way we work and do things. And make us much more efficient. What would we do without these things now?
    Daisy @ Add Vodka recently posted..How Craigslist Has Saved Us Hundreds of DollarsMy Profile

    • I seriously wonder if we could manage even a couple of days without any of these things. The way that our minds are hard-wired has been changed…. we rely on all of these waaaay too much. Perhaps the next decade of tech will make our brains completely redundant?! :P

  6. I love downton abbey! I was just talking to some people about this. Imagine having a conversation with yourself from 10 years ago. That self would think you were from the jetson’s or something. “Just google that…” “What, what the hell is google!?” I mean so much has changed in such a short time. It makes me wonder what 10 years from now we will have that will make 2013 look like the dark ages. :)
    Budget and the Beach recently posted..Retail Therapy to the RescueMy Profile

    • Yasss! I thought you might be a fan. Did you see the Christmas episode?

      I agree, so much has changed and so much is still to come. It is scary to think what might happen. I just want to always stay at the front of the change so that I don’t end up like my grandparents…

  7. Ha GPS maps, where would we be without a little dot telling us where to go? So many cool inventions everyday but I wish we would still be able to do things ourselves, just in case (from calculating a distance to making fire!)
    Pauline recently posted..It happens to the best!My Profile

  8. KK @ Student Debt Survivor says:

    A good friend of mine had a pager when we were in HS. We all thought he was super cool. We’d send messages and then he’d have to stop at a payphone to call us back. I also remember when I first got a cell phone. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was slightly smaller then that “Zack Morris” phone from Saved by the Bell. Wow have times changed.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..Reasons You Didn’t Get Hired-Part IIMy Profile

    • Hey KK!! Hahahaha I remember pagers. I used to think they were soo cool… especially the doctors on the US medical shows that carried them! Wow things have changed even more than I realised!!!

  9. My Money Design says:

    Great list but it would be wrong to mention Amazon but not Apple. I like both (and for different reasons). Apple did pretty much revolutionize smart phones and tablets.
    My Money Design recently posted..The Management Skills List – Do You Have What it Takes to Earn More This Year?My Profile

    • Jamie Dickinson says:

      Many feel Apple had a bad year, perhaps. Although stock dropped, they had a very successful year, with three big launches. You are right, along with Google, they have revolutionised tech over the last decade.

      Google is the Internet, they’re the gate keepers. I believe they celebrated their 15th birthday this year and have had one of their strongest years after a fairly rocky couple.

      We’re at an amazing stage now where we’re at the end of the beginning of this digital revolution and things are moving at an absolutely blistering pace. Very exciting.
      Jamie Dickinson recently posted..Getting a Refund for Unwanted Christmas PresentsMy Profile

      • Apple idea of a ‘bad year’ is something most companies could only dream of! I like how you call google the gatekeepers to the internet… you are spot on!! I was talking about this with my boss today… imagine how things are going to look in 10 years.. digital tables and minority report type interfaces! :) Exciting indeed!!

    • I guess I was including Apple in the Smartphones category. I agree with you 100% that Apple set the standard and led the way with smartphones (Apple Fan Boy right here)! Given their position with iTunes and App stores, their future seriously excites me!! :D

  10. Too funny! Remember encyclopedia door-to-door salesman? I’m guessing that is a long extinct position. My girls probably don’t even know what an encyclopedia is! :) I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I love the convenience of technology, but I always feel available. Sometimes it’s nice to go home and just be home or away from the office. On the flip side, don’t get in between me and my iPhone!
    Shannon @ The Heavy Purse recently posted..2013 Financial Resolutions: Becoming Financially FitMy Profile

    • Hey Shannon! Hahaha … yes I remember the sales people for the Encyclopedia Britanica! Too right that that has long gone… I agree the convenience is great, but our childrens generation barely know how to use an index page on a reference book!! :P PS I am with you on the iPhone relationship ;)


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