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Suba @ Broke Professionals writes The Costs of Moving – Part One  Americans move on average once every 12 years, according to the 2009 National Association of Home Builders data. It costs to move.

Rich @ Growing Money Smart writes Financial Myth about smart kids are always successful no matter how they start out – There is a myth that smart kids will be successful no matter who they start life or what training the get as youths. From my observation in life, this in incorrect.

Mel @ Travel Blue Book writes Going to the Sun Road at Glacier National Park – Going to the Sun Road is a beautiful, winding drive stretching across Glacier National Park. You’ll be blown away – if you’ve got the stomach for it.

Sam @ The New Business Blog writes Creating a Stylish, Practical and Attractive Catering Establishment – Any catering business understands the Health and Safety requirements to keep all their fresh products properly refrigerated.

Marissa @ Thirty Six Months writes PayPal Makes It Easy to Not Carry A Wallet Anymore – There are very few luxuries that I have a hard time giving up – my Starbucks App is one of them. Not only does it make is easy for me to track all my points, but I don’t have to carry my wallet when I step into any Starbucks location.



Hank @ Money Q&A writes The New Retirementality by Mitch Anthony – You’re Thinking About Retirement Is All Wrong! – Mitch Anthony makes the case that the retirement of our parents isn’t, and shouldn’t, be our ideal of retirement in his book, “The New Retirementality”.

Mario @ Debt BLAG writes Financial literacy gave me hope! – Facing a daunting debt paydown, I thought I didn’t have a chance; financial literacy gave me the hope I needed to power through.

Evan @ The Smaller Dollar writes How To Open an Ira – As you now know, you need to open an IRA. You are excited, onboard and ready to go! But one thing stands in your way. How do you actually open an IRA?



 Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes Why You Need To Start Investing Now – I’m sure you’ve heard it before, you need to start investing for your future. You’ve probably heard it so many times that you just tune it out now.

Jack @ Money Saving Ethics writes Accelerating My Retirement | How Can I Retire Faster? – There are definite methods to accelerate retirement. There are tips, tricks, plans and procedures to engage that can shave loads of time off your retirement age, but you have to understand some rather bleak facts first.

Aaron @ Aaron Hung writes Don’t Make These Mistakes When Withdrawing Money for your Retirement – There are certainly plenty of ways to keep as much of your hard earned money from Uncle Sam as possible using the tax codes.

Larry @ KrantCents writes How Much Money Do You Need to Retire? – How much is enough to take care of you for the rest of your life? Do you have a number? Does it cover inflation, medical insurance and all your needs and your wants?



Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes Are The Elite Private Colleges Worth The Price Of Admission? – It is apparent that college education costs and health insurance are the two arenas that have defied gravity over the past six years through this recovery.

Mr. 4HWD @ The Four Hour Work Day writes Sacrifice Only if You’re Growing – When I see people working late or working overtime I get depressed. It’s one thing if you’re young and you’re full of energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. But it’s another thing when you’re older, overworked and been doing it for 20-30 years. Even though I don’t work more than 40 hours a week at my day job, when I get home I spend at least 2 to 3 hours every single night working on my side hustles. In a way, I’m just like those people at work except I’m working overtime

Oscar @ Money is the Root writes Cutting Those ‘Extra’ College Costs Down to Size – If you have a child in college, and you have got their college tuition and room & board under control, pat yourself on the back because you are doing better than most, but don’t sit back and put your feet up on the desk just yet.

Andrea @ So Over This writes Finance Careers in the Future: The Forecast is Good – Although the finance industry was hit a couple of years ago with the economic problems the world faced, it’s making a comeback.

Justin @ Edward Antrobus writes College Courses that Help Grads Find Jobs – One of the major concerns of young people everywhere is that, once they graduate from college (if they graduate at all) the job market is going to be extremely tough.

Cat @ Budget Blonde writes 4 Things Freelancers Can Do to Make Yourself More Valuable – As a freelance writer I often face a lot of competition — from very smart and talented freelancers.


Don @ Money Reasons writes Boosting Your Income: How to Earn Money on the Side – Here are some great tips on way to make extra money on the side to your normal sources of income!



Michelle @ The Shop My Closet Project writes Financial Close Calls-Changing My Financial Focus From Debt to Savings – Let’s start from the beginning. About two weeks ago I woke up on a Sunday morning needing to visit the bathroom (hey, we all do this). I step inside my bathroom and my feet sleep in what I can only describe as an alarming amount of water. Read how I handled this finanicial issue.

Mr. Frenzy @ Frenzied Finances writes The Art Of Giving: 10 Homemade Gifts That Impress – With the holidays and birthdays, gift giving never seems to stop. It can add up. It might be time to consider making gifts yourself! Here are some ideas.

Monica @ Monica On Money writes Life Happens (Have a Plan!) – This month I have focused on writing about being prepared for the unexpected. We all know that Life Happens, and usually when we are already busy and stressed.

Gretchen @ Retired by 40! writes Save 80% by Making Your Own Baby Food! – Making Health, Fresh Baby food is Super Easy and Saves more than 80% over the cost of store-bought food!

Mark Ross @ Money Saving Dude writes Is Having An Emergency Fund A Need or A Luxury? – For me, having an emergency fund shouldn’t really be considered as a luxury, it should be considered as a NEED. Why? You can see my answer to that question in this post.

Jeremy @ Modest Money writes How to Save Money Around the House – Saving a few dollars on each of your household expenses may seem minute now, but it will add up in the long run. Here are three easy ways to save a buck or two on your household living expenses.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Benefits to a Zero Balance Account – A zero balance account can have several benefits, not the least of which is financial safety.

Mr.CBB @ Canadian Budget Binder writes How to be your own money manager – Becoming your own money manager is something that you should get used to especially if you plan to live as debt free of a life as possible.

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  1. Thanks for the inclusion in the Carnival. I particularly liked Monica’s article on preparing for the unexpected as someone who has made use of their health and auto insurance in the last 30 days. You can never be too prepared!
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  2. Thanks for inclusion and hosting, I really appreciate it.
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