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Sunday came around fast!!

This weekend was actually pretty relaxed from my end. We did a lot of eating and a lot of chillin’. The temperature down in London has dropped to near freezing (1 degree Celsius all day) and Mrs Scot and I have watched a few films this weekend to celebrate the arrival of winter. I also decided to treat her by making of Scotland’s finest homemade tablet…. but I HATE waiting for things to set!

Last night we watched the latest installment from 007 – Skyfall. A fantastic action-packed storyline with a predictable ending. I loved it! It never fails to amaze me how a movie theater can be packed out at 1:20am…. Did somebody say recession? The product placement has reached a slightly ridiculous level.. I couldn’t work out if we paused for a Heineken advert half way in!

We spent today watching ‘The Sitter’ (Jonah Hill) – which was pretty terrible – and Snow White and the Huntsman (awesome) while drinking the world’s best cider in front of the fire:


Summary of Stats at SavvyScot

  • Average number of hits per day – 270. Down from 324 last week, but still high overall. Thanks for coming back!
  • Alexa Rank – Target was <120k and I am almost there.. currently checking in at about 121K. Can SavvyScot break the 110K mark by next week?
  • Sterling Effort UK Blog Rank – 10th Ash re-programmed the listing and I am delighted with this placing. Finally the UK has a decent ranking system for blogs!
  • Facebook Likes – up 15 from last week to 650. SS Facebook Friend page – 349 friends.
  • Twitter Followers – 26.3k – up around 200 followers from last week. Thanks to everyone for all the interactions and retweets. Twitter is really starting to grow on me 🙂
  • Subscribers – unchanged at 38. The only explanation for this low number is that people love commenting and visiting the site so much that they don’t want to bother subscribing via email – am I right folks?

The statistics are great. I have been tracking the income of SavvyScot quite closely this month and have noticed some great increases. The site is starting to become a great stream of passive income! When I finally get round to writing the next post in the ‘Start a Blog’ series, I will disclose the money side of things. The interest in sponsored postings remains high, however I have recently become a lot stricter with my guidelines. After a lot of research and consulting with various blogger friends, I have decided that I am going to insist on personally writing almost all sponsored posts from now on. Often advertisers will subcontract post-writing out so cheaply that the article is actually pretty rubbish. I just need to look at the comments received on my own work compared to the ‘others’ to see the proof. The last thing that I want is for SavvyScot to become boring and I want to keep my own style in the writing. I want to make posts a bit silly, funny and full of funny photographs, forget reading a variation of the same post from 5 other blogs. Good Plan?

Top Posts This Week

How I saved at least $50,000 by buying new furniture – Club Thrifty
Holly discusses the predicament she had on whether to buy a new house or not. In the end she upgraded the furniture and saved a small fortune! I think this is a great example of thinking outside the box. Too often people think that they need a new car, or a new computer etc. when giving it a clean, getting some new software, a new stereo etc. often makes it seem ‘new’ and refreshed.

Using online calculators.. – Modest Money
Jeremy hosted a post which discusses the advantages of using online calculators. As geeky as it may sound, I love using online calculators to work out after-tax salary, mortgage payments, mortgage amortization payments etc. I would highly recomment other check these out!

Grieving the fairytale – L Bee and the Money Tree
L Bee discusses the reality of ‘Happily Ever After’. Lauren has fast become one of my favourite bloggers. She is actually hilarious! Her posts are never dull, yet she always makes a great point! 😀

My first VLOG – Being yourself – Budget and the Beach
It takes serious guts to do a vlog and I think this is a great attempt for a first post! Looking forward to following this series.

Being poor in North America – The Outlier Model
CF looks at what it really means to be poor.This article completely emphasises the importance of an emergency fund and savings. None of us know what is around the corner and we need to have a consistency plan. We all think it won’t happen to us….

Top 15 things I can’t wait to cross off my bucket list – A Backpacker’s Tale
I like to change up this review a little each week by adding something that is non personal finance related. Stephen over at backpackers tale has an exciting tale indeed. As some of you know, I have a bucket list in the making and love to read what’s on others. I have done a few on this list, but it has certainly given me some inspiration for some new additions!

Boys becoming men: It doesn’t happen on accident – Work Save Live
Fantastic post… Are you a man or still a child?Hmmm

Things I could have bought with $30,000 lost to credit card debt – Eyes on the Dollar
Kim talks about 5 things she could have bought with the interest paid on credit cards.Trust me, when you read this you realise just how much money you are throwing away by paying interest. You should ask yourself if the short-term satisfaction is worth what you would miss out on long-term. Thanks for sharing Kim and helping other to learn from your mistake!

2012 Global entrepreneur survey: where are the optimists? –  Untemplater
Sydney posts a fascinating infographic which details the 2012 outlook of entrepreneurs. Some of these statistics really surprise me!

Three things I wish my parents had taught me about money – The Frugal Path
Justin reveals three things that he wished that he had learned about money in childhood. I completely agree with the last point – how they allocated money. As parents/future parents, we have a responsibility to teach our kids about money. Involving them in your own finances would go a long way to making them Savvy.


Stay tuned for details about a new $100 giveaway coming soon to SavvyScot. Get up to anything more exciting than watching James Bond this weekend?

This post was featured on the Outlier Model, thank you!

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  1. Tablet is looking good Mr Scot – don’t eat it all at once LOL recently posted..Aaaarghh!!! Technical ProblemsMy Profile

  2. I am seriously impressed by your twitter numbers. Nice work!

    That cider has made it over to North America as well, its pretty tasty!

  3. justin@thefrugalpath says:

    I must admit that I had never heard of a tablet until now. I googled it and found out it’s pretty close to fudge so I’m guessing it tastes awesome! In fact, it made me eat a piece of fudge that we bought from our trip.
    Thanks for the mention, and have a great start to your week.
    justin@thefrugalpath recently posted..How to Start Saving When You Can’t Afford toMy Profile

    • It tastes amazing! It is so rich though.. and really unhealthy. The opposite of what I am advocating with the Change Your Life series 😉 Have a great week too Justin. PS do you want the recipe?

  4. Aww thanks Scot. The love affair is mutual 🙂
    L Bee and the Money Tree recently posted..Monthly Moneytree Cowgirl Rodeo Round-Up (October)My Profile

  5. Thank you so much for the mention! It ounds like you had an awesome weekend! I definitely did too.
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..The VIP Club Roundup – 8th EditionMy Profile

  6. Sounds like a really nice weekend! I want to see Skyfall. I love DC as Bond. Thanks as always for the link love! Now I feel pressure to do more-thanks a lot! lol!
    Budget & the Beach recently posted..My Skype Job InterviewMy Profile

    • DC is a good Bond… nowhere near as good as a certain Scotsman though 😉 You are welcome on the LINK Love – no pressure dw – I just expect a full blog post feature in return 😉

  7. Watching movies in front of the fire is a great way to spend the day. We watched Rock of Ages last night. A bit campy, but pretty fun. I love 80’s music. Thanks for the mention. I bet I get my Razorpit this week. Can’t wait!
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #11-Pumpkin EditionMy Profile

  8. Thanks for the mention! Wow I didn’t realize it’s so cold in London already.

    Glad you enjoyed Skyfall. It looks fun!
    Untemplater recently posted..One Nice Benefit Of Being Unemployed: KindnessMy Profile

  9. I just subscribed to your feed so next week you can report at least 39 subscribers 🙂

    Also, congratulations on making money on your blog – That’s a huge achievement!

    I haven’t put ads on my blog as I was worried it would turn people away from my site. So I will be interested to read about your experience.
    Glen @ Monstr Piggy Bank recently posted..70 Million Lotto DrawMy Profile

  10. Mandy @MoneyMasterMom says:

    Thanks for your carnival. I’m excited to read Club Thrifty, L Bee and the Money Tree, and Backpackers tale, and Work save live. So many great posts in the blogosphere, but those posts really caught my eye!

    Congrats on your continued success with your blog!
    Mandy @MoneyMasterMom recently posted..Free your spending, time, and energy with 3 easy wordsMy Profile

  11. Got to try that cider!!!

    Grats on the stats btw. I think your twitter is about to start living on its own soon 🙂


  12. Great post and wow to those twitter numbers! Interested in your thoughts on writing your own sponsored posts from now on too – like you I find that when the clients themselves do it the quality’s really variable. I tend to get a first draft from them then edit it to fit with the tone of my site. I think you need to retain that editorial control really.
    Skint in the City recently posted..Washing Dry Clean Only Clothes – It Could Save You A FortuneMy Profile

    • Thanks 🙂 – Yeh I am pretty much doing just that now. This week I have taken a much harder line during preliminary talks. Seems to go down pretty well. The content is just garbage and a variation of 10 other sponsored posts on other sites. Not cool at all! Hiked my prices and will do it myself 😉

  13. Thanks for sharing the stats on your website. I understand how frustrating a low subscriber count can be as well as waiting around for daily hits to increase. But keep up the great work. This is my first time visiting this blog and I really love the design and layout. The content is what is keeping me on and commenting. That number of Twitter followers is really impressive. Keep it up!
    Scott @Youthful Investor recently posted..An Introduction to Municipal Bond’s and Finding Out if They’re the Right Investment for YouMy Profile


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