Cover Yourself: Five Reasons to Invest in Boiler Insurance

In a time when families all over the country have to scrimp and save as much as they possibly can, it’s no wonder people are cutting back on things that they don’t think they need. Luxury items in their shopping basket are a distant memory and insurance policies that they deem unnecessary are put on the backburner. While you can see completely why people cut back on insurance plans and suchlike, is it a wise choice? What costs a few pounds a month can save you a fortune should things go wrong, so what happens if you don’t have that safety net in place? What you thought would be saving you a few quid each month all of a sudden means you’re landed with a hefty bill that could have been avoided. The joys of hindsight, eh?

One such luxury that can often be overlooked in times of frugality is boiler cover. While there is plenty of boiler insurance information online that helps to explain just how little it costs, it is often put off by homeowners looking to save a few pounds. With a range of price plans available at British Gas, boiler cover can start at just £4 a month, covering any boiler repair you may need in the future, while you can also include an annual service for a few more pounds a month. It’s understandable that families are trying to save money wherever they can to make their life a little more comfortable during the economic downturn, but should that mean forgoing boiler cover?

It’s certainly not for everyone but there are plenty of good reasons why boiler insurance should be considered to help protect your home. While it’s often unnecessary for tenants in rental accommodation, homeowners who have the responsibility to maintain their property may benefit from specialist insurance such as boiler cover.


The Unpredictable Weather

Unfortunately, our English weather isn’t the most predictable of things and no sooner do you get used to a heatwave, do you then wake up to a torrential storm. The winter, in particular, can be horrendous at times and sub-zero temperatures can really take their toll on boilers. While an annual service will help to keep your boiler shipshape, an insurance policy will help to protect you should it break down for whatever reason.

Can you imagine your boiler packing up during the winter months or God forbid, just before Christmas? Repairing a boiler isn’t cheap and replacing it is even more pricey – something that can be avoided if you have the necessary insurance. According to uSwitch, over a fifth of homes had a boiler break down over the winter in 2012, costing, on average, £320 – much more than a few pounds per month, right?


The Home Insurance

It’s sensible to check your home insurance policy before you do invest in any additional insurance packages – boiler cover, or otherwise. There’s little point shelling out more per month if you’ve already got the cover as part of your home insurance policy.

If you find that your home insurance doesn’t cover your boiler, this is where the specific insurance comes in handy.


No Hot Water!

If you have a combi boiler, you’ll know how annoying it can be waiting for the boiler to heat up the cold water so you can take a shower or enjoy a bath. Imagine the rigmarole if the boiler clapped out and you had no hot water at all!

Boiling water to wash yourself and wrapping yourself up in blankets because your boiler has broken is definitely not an enjoyable experience. The huge costs of fixing the problem can be avoided with boiler cover.


The Cold Home

It’s not too bad during the summer months, when the natural sunshine will help to keep the residual temperature of your home higher, reducing the need for your central heating but the same can’t be said for the colder days. If your boiler breaks and you can’t afford to repair it, who knows how long you’ll have to deal with the cold before you find the funds. Wrapping up warm and snuggling under blankets only goes so far.


The Price

Best of all is the price of boiler cover. Depending on the provider you choose, you can secure a boiler insurance policy for next to nothing. While you may be trying to tighten the pursestrings in every way you can, with cover starting at £4 a month, it’s certainly not going to affect your budget too much.

Not all insurance cover is necessary so before signing into a contract, make sure you definitely need it.



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  1. My boiler has broken twice this winter but the only insurance the company accepts is if the whole building takes it and they won’t… sigh.

  2. We had this problem last winter and the repairs were exorbitant. Take this advice!

  3. Very informative sharing. But I want to know that what the applicable conditions for boiler insurance and in what conditions insurance will helpful.

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